New Seo For 2013

Although this kind of dangerous search engine optimization behaviour is common place most website owners are entirely unaware that it is going on.

Most seo professionals worth their salt that about 99% of the cannot remain operating and active nor continue for very long because they are not getting results for the clients.
Don't just take an agency's word for it. Check their knowledge. Ask them about Panda, Penguin, over-optimization, low quality links and how they intend to build your site's authority. Drill into their knowledge of recent Google updates and ask them for examples of keywords that they have ranked websites for.

It is truly unfortunate that some seo agencies wilfully perform seo techniques that they know do not work seo services and can even harm their client's sites. What's more they look at their clients merely as a paycheck and are constantly actively looking for new clients because they know they will lose the ones they already have due to their poor seo practices. It is time that seo companies were held responsible for their actions and I urge every potential seo client to do their due diligence when they consider which seo services to use. Be sure to investigate any seo agency you wish to use.
One may be mistaken for thinking that the negative effect of the Google changes was to the seo workers who have lost their jobs and those that are going to lose their jobs due to their inability to adapt to the constant Google changes. But, something much worse is happening in the seo industry that is rarely touched upon – mostly because there are not enough Seos left who realise it is happening!

Always use authentic businesses such as this or you run the risk of damaging your rankings in the Google search engine, your online revenue and your brand.
Many of these companies do not worry that they cannot produce results because they simply recycle their client list taking on new clients as the disillusioned clients leave.

Since April 2012 when Google released Penguin there've been many more alterations to how a person needs to perform seo and with seo services. A great many thousands of search engine optimization companies have closed their doors and many, many more seo professionals have lost their homes as a greedy Internet giant has robbed even more profit from the Internet by stripping ordinary website owners of their ability to rank in Google Search forcing real businesses into the Google pay per click advertising funnell..
Research the claims of any seo company you plan to work with. Ask them for proof that they can deliver on their promises and be sure you check the details they give you. Proof of ranking low quality keywords with almost no search volume will be your first red flag and indication that you are dealing with an seo company who are weak at seo.
Likewise tens of thousands of ordinary people who had previously been employed in the seo industry have lost their jobs. Meanwhile Google raised their paid advertising revenue by 42% just a coincidence?.

The old ways no longer work but many seo companies are still relying on anchor text alone to rank a site in Google. This is seo tremendously dangerous as Google Penguin punishes sites that use this type of backlink and the punish meted out is very sever. And, sadly it is becoming more evident with each passing day that unless you are already an established brand like Coca Cola your site cannot and will not recover from Penguin.
In these time, due to the huge changes in the search algo, it's impossible to achieve good rankings in Google using pre-2012 seo techniques.
Since the release of the Penguin update not very many seo companies have kept up their skill level. Most are still using tactics that do not work or are harmful to sites.

Many Seo companies did survive Penguin but it is not because of their ability to adapt to the new changes. It is only because they know how to attract new customers.

Worse than useless because it costs the client money.
Are they open about the techniques they use? Are they very guarded about how they perform search engine optimization? Be sure any company you work with highlights their processes and explains how they intend to rank your site.

However, what Seos fail to realise is that these agencies are not only failing their clients in the SERPs they are in fact destroying them! These fakes are utilising, not only outdated seo link building schemes but are utilizing, seo techniques that are extremely harmful to the websites they are trying to help.
Foreign based seo companies often seo make outlandish claims and will even go as far as to use others company's results as examples of what they can achieve. Or they even use examples of rankings they have achieved for completely uncompetitive terms that are financially unviable from a business perspective.

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