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After April 2012 when Google released Penguin there have been many more alterations to how a person needs to use seo and with seo services. Many thousands of search engine optimization agencies have closed their virtual doors and even more seo professionals have lost their jobs and homes as Google has raped smaller business to claim more revenue from the World Wide Web by stripping ordinary website owners of their ability to rank in the SERPs forcing real companies into their pay per click advertising pipeline..

Worse than useless because it costs the client money.

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In addition tens of thousands of ordinary people who had previously been employed in the internet marketing industry have lost their jobs. Meanwhile Google raised their paid advertising revenue by 42% just a coincidence?.

Sadly, even the small amount of seo companies that stayed active after the horrendous effects of Google's poorly constructed update have failed to move with the times.

In recent times, due to all the changes in search, it's impossible to reach page 1 of Google using pre-2012 seo techniques.

This is sad for the people relying on a wage from seo. However, there's even worse that very few search engine optimizers are talking about.

Just about every real Seo knows that about 99% of the will be unable to continue for very long because they aren't getting results for the customers.

Unfortunately thou what Seos don't often address is the fact that these companies are not just failing their clients in the SERPs they are in fact destroying their rankings and online reputation with Google! They are in fact utilising, not just old search engine optimization tactics but are utilizing, seo processes that are dangerously harmful to the longevity and sustainability of the websites that they are pretending to help.

It is only the very best businesses such as seo outsourcing - have expanded while a multitude of businesses have fallen around them.

The great majority of seo companies are employing old processes that are based on on over-use of exact match keyword links. This is placing their client's websites at extremely high risk. If your site gets hit by penguin it is very unlikely to recover unless you are a big brand name.

Unfortunately most clients of these search engine optimization companies are entirely unaware of the danger they are placing their sites in.

Sadly for business owners, who are trying to build their online presence, finding a good seo company that can actually produce results is becoming more and more difficult.

Search engine Optimization agencies, especially ones that are not natural English speakers, just cannot create the rankings that they claim they can and make promises that they cannot deliver. Some have also been known to steal the credit for seo work that they have not even undertaken.

Many of these companies do not worry that they cannot produce results because they simply recycle their client list taking on new clients as the disillusioned clients leave.

Seo clients have become a disposal and recyclable asset in the business plan of many seo companies. If you are considering using an seo company then please be extremely careful who you chose. Check out the company and see what other people are saying about them. If they are very cheap then they are probably worthless. Be sure to investigate any seo agency you wish to use.

Are they open about the techniques they use? Are they very guarded about how they perform search engine optimization? Be sure any company you work with highlights their processes and explains how they intend to rank your site.

Don't just take an agency's word for it. Check their knowledge. Ask them about Panda, Penguin, over-optimization, low quality links and how they intend to build your site's authority. Drill into their knowledge of recent Google updates and ask them for examples of keywords that they have ranked websites for.

Also ensure that the company supplied you with an exact match count of the searches performed for the keywords they have ranked.

It's Seo experts like these that you should use.

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