Utilizing Search Engine Optimization For Real Results

Easter 2013 saw the seo landscape completely change effecting users of Search and seo companies alike. Many thousands of search engine optimization agencies have closed their virtual doors and even more seo workers are now unemployed as Google has raped smaller business to claim more revenue from the World Wide Web and stripped websites of their ability to rank in the SERPs forcing real businesses into the Google paid advertising pipeline..

Only elite businesses such as seo outsourcing - www.mcgrathenterpriseseo.com have been able to survive and flourish while a multitude of businesses have fallen around them.

Likewise 10s of thousands of employees who had previously been employed in the internet marketing industry have lost their jobs. Meanwhile the search engine giant Google increased their paid advertising revenue by 42%.

Many search engine optimization agencies have continued working after Penguinhit. However, it was not because of their search engine optimization know-how. It is merely because they can attract new clients.

With so many algorithm changes the average seo agency is finding it extremely difficult to keep up with the changing scene. They simply can no longer rank sites in the SERPs

Though this is sad for those agencies there is a much scary fact that is often ignored.

Many people in the industry know that about 90% of the cannot remain operating and active nor continue indefinitely due to the fact that they are not getting results for the clients.

Though what they rarely admit is that these inferior agencies are not just failing their clients in the SERPs they are in actual fact hurting them! They are employing, not just old search engine optimization link building schemes but are using, seo techniques that are 100% harmful to the websites that they are pretending to help.

Many seo businesses, even well known ones, are using outdated techniques that rely on the heavy use of exact match keyword links. This is placing their client's valuable web properties at extremely high risk. Unfortunately seo agencies that risk a penguin penalty for their clients leave their clients in a terrible online situation as clearly no non-brand sites ie. non big brand names have recovered from Penguin.

Rarely are their clients aware of this.

Since the release of the Penguin update not very many seo companies have kept up their skill level. Most are still using tactics that do not work or are harmful to sites.

Search engine Optimization agencies, especially ones that are not natural English speakers, just cannot create the rankings that they claim they can and make promises that they cannot deliver. Some have also been known to steal the credit for seo work that they have not even undertaken.

A huge percentage of seo companies now do not worry about achieving rankings for their clients. They simply pass them off with the falsehood that it takes time to see movements in the SERPs and then take on new clients when the old ones eventually realise that no results are likely to ever come.

It is truly unfortunate that some seo agencies wilfully perform seo techniques that they know do not work and can even harm their client's sites. What's more they look at their clients merely as a paycheck and are constantly actively looking for new clients because they know they will lose the ones they already have due to their poor seo practices. If you are considering using an seo company then please be extremely careful who you chose. Check out the company and see what other people are saying about them. If they are very cheap then they are probably worthless. Be sure to investigate any seo agency you wish to use.

Are they open about the techniques they use? Are they very guarded about how they perform search engine optimization? Be sure any company you work with highlights their processes and explains how they intend to rank your site.

Check that the people doing your off page optimization understand the new rules of seo. Ensure they have a full working knowledge and understanding of all seo updates and penalties that Google have recently introduced and how they intend to work within safe parameters of these penalties.

Research the claims of any seo company you plan to work with. Ask them for proof that they can deliver on their promises and be sure you check the details they give you. Proof of ranking low quality keywords with almost no search volume will be your first red flag and indication that you are dealing with an seo company who are weak at seo.

Many seo companies show their success ranking sites for keywords that get less than 200 hits per month. Worse than useless because it costs the client money.

McGrath Enterprise Seo Services offer amazing informative guides and advice on their blog seo services nationwide.

Always use genuine businesses such as this or you will run the risk of damaging your Google rankings, reducing your internet earnings and your brand.

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